HamSphere 4.0 Contest Calendar
NameHamSphere 4.0 All Asia DX contest 2019
DescriptionWe are proudly introducing you our third All Asia DX contest. You need to work as many operators from Asia as possible and all other operators (Asian and non-Asian) for distance points.

Group A: Asia
Group B: Europe
Group C: North America
Group D: South America
Group E: Africa
Group F: Oceania and Antarctica

1st places in every groups will receive 30 HS credits
2nd places in every groups will receive 20 HS credits
3rd places in every groups will receive 10 HS credits
Bands160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 15, 11 and 10m
RulesYou can work all stations (Asian and non-Asian) and you will receive points for distance between you and operator. You will receive 1 point for multiplier for each new worked Asian country and territory one time during all event. Repeated QSOs with the same operator are valid on every new band. Do not forget about 15 minutes rule. 15 minutes must have passed before you can contact the same op on a different band.
Score CalculationTotal points for distance x (Total multipliers for each new worked Asian country and territory according to DXHS list+1)
+1 is for cases, if operator did not work with any Asian country.
Max Power100 Watts
ExchangeRS + Serial numbers (starting from 001)
QSO Points1 point per QSO (0-500km)
2 points per QSO (500km-2500km)
3 points per QSO (2500km-5000km)
4 points per QSO (5000km-10000km)
5 points per QSO (10000km-)
Extra infoMultipliers are each new worked Asian country according to DXHS country list as bellow:
Afghanistan AF
Armenia AM
Azerbaijan AZ
Bahrain BH
Bangladesh BD
Bhutan BT
Cambodia KH
China CN
Cyprus CY
Georgia GE
Hong Kong HK
India IN
Indonesia ID
Iran IR
Iraq IQ
Israel IL
Japan JP
Jordan JO
Kazakhstan KZ
Kuwait KW
Kyrgyzstan KG
Laos LA
Lebanon LB
Macau MO
Malaysia MY
Maldives MV
Mongolia MN
Myanmar MM
Nepal NP
North Korea KP
Oman OM
Pakistan PK
Palestinia PS
Qatar QA
Russian Federation (Asiatic) RU
Saudi Arabia SA
Singapore SG
South Korea KR
Spratly islands 2S
Sri Lanka LK
Syrian Arab Republic SY
Taiwan TW
Tajikistan TJ
Thailand TH
Turkey TR
Turkmenistan TM
United Arab Emirates AE
Uzbekistan UZ
Vietnam VN
Yemen YE
Start date UTC2019-02-16 00:00
End date UTC2019-02-16 23:59
Log deadline UTC2019-02-19 23:59