HamSphere 4.0 Contest Calendar
NameLate Night DX Gang Worldwide Prefixes contest 2016
DescriptionSecond official Late Night DX Gang contest. It is very similar to famous CQ WW WPX contest on real HAM radio. You need to work as many prefixes (for example UR5, 5B4, F8, 14HS1, 19WO1, 43HS0 etc) as possible.

1st place - 100 HS Credits
2nd place - 80 HS Credits
3rd place - 50 HS Credits
4th place - 30 HS Credits
5th place - 20 HS Credits
6th place - 10 HS Credits
ModeUSB or LSB
BandsDay one: 160m – 60m – 30 – 17m Day two: 80m – 40m – 20m – 15m
RulesYou can work all stations. Dupes are valid once on every new band. Multipliers are prefixes of worked stations (UR5, 5B4, 14HS1, 19WO1, 43HS0 etc).
Every multiplier is valid only once during the contest. So if you worked for example 5B4AIT on 15 m, you can work with him on others bands, but multiplier 5B4 for 5B4AIT will be counting only once during the contest.
Final result will be summary points for confirmed QSOs multiply by numbers of worked prefixes.
Note, that only confirmed QSOs will be valid. You can contact with same station on other band only after 15 minutes. So if you worked 5B4AIT on 15 m, you can contact with him on 20 m after 15 minutes.
Score CalculationSummary points for confirmed QSOs multiply by numbers of worked prefixes.
Max Power100 Watts
ExchangeRS + Serial number (starting from 001)
QSO Points1 point per QSO (0-500 km)
2 points per QSO (500 km-2500 km)
3 points per QSO (2500 km-5000 km)
4 points per QSO (5000 km-10000 km)
5 points per QSO (10000 km-…)
Extra infoEvery new callsign’s prefix ONCE during the contest.
Start date UTC2016-11-19 00:00
End date UTC2016-11-20 23:59
Log deadline UTC2016-11-21 00:00