HamSphere 4.0 Contest Calendar
NameHamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest
DescriptionContest dedicated to May Day - great holiday in countries of former Soviet Union.
Bands10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60 m

Russia UA 50 RU
Armenia EK 301 AM
Azerbaijan 4K 303 AZ
Estonia ES 304 EE
Georgia 4L 306 GE
Kaliningrad UA2 307 1K
Kazakhstan UN 308 KZ
Kyrgyzstan EX 309 KG
Latvia YL 310 LV
Lithuania LY 311 LT
Moldova ER 312 MD
Tajikistan EY 313 TJ
Turkmenistan EZ 314 TM
Ukraine UR 315 UA
Uzbekistan UK 316 UZ
Belarus EW 317 BY

ADDITIONAL RULE; after your first QSO on every new band you must to stay on this band for 15 minutes. For example if you make contact with somebody on 15 m, you can make more contacts on 15 m, but you can QSY on 20 m after 15 minutes from your first QSO on 15 m. And so on.
Score CalculationCATEGORIES:

1 - only for CIS and Baltic countries and territories
2 - for rest of world (without CIS and Baltic operators)
2 separate categories!!!

DUPES: on every new band

QSL EXCHANGE: yes, without QSL card QSO will not be valid

Calculation of final result will be points for valid confirmed QSOs multiply by multiplayers
Max Power100 Watts
QSO Points1 point per QSO (0-500km)
2 points per QSO (500km-2500km)
3 points per QSO (2500km-5000km)
4 points per QSO (5000km-10000km)
5 points per QSO (10000km-)
10 points per QSO with operators from CIS and Baltic countries and territories regardless of the distance
-RS + Serial Number (beginning from 001)
Extra infoEvery new CIS and Baltic country on every new band (Max 72)
Start date UTC2015-05-02 00:00
End date UTC2015-05-02 23:59
Log deadline UTC2015-05-05 00:00