HamSphere 4.0 Contest Calendar
NameEast & South East Asia Lunar New Year Contest 2015
The Lunar New Year is seen as a time of happiness and good will throughout most of East / Southeast Asia, the purpose of this contest is to welcome in the Lunar New year by promoting good radio operating procedure and foster harmony and friendship.

COUNTRY ISO2 HS Prefix Ham Prefix
Brunei BN 225 V85
Cambodia KH 238 XU
China CN 203 BY
Hong Kong HK 60 VR2
Indonesia ID 91 YB
Japan JP 25 JA
Laos LA 239 XW
Macau MO 240 XX9
Malaysia MY 58 9M6,9M8
Mongolia MN 95 JT
Myanmar MM 237 XZ
Nepal NP 86 9N
North Korea KP 334 P5
Philippines PH 79 DU
Singapore SG 98 9V
South Korea KR 100 HL
Taiwan TW 155 BV
Thailand TH 153 HS
Timor-Leste TL 341 4W
Vietnam VN 242 XV
Bands15, 20, 30, 40, 80
Score CalculationSCORE: This contest will have three sections (and hence three winners) they will be:
A: Work as many stations as possible (Highest point scoring station over all, including R.O.W. (Rest Of World) and ESEA)

B: Work as many as ESEA stations as possible (Highest points received for contact with ESEA stations (R.O.W. stations only can achieve this one.)

C: Highest ranking ESEA station (An ESEA station with the highest points from ROW and ESEA contacts)

The total score is the total number of confirmed (confirmed with a QSL card) QSO points multiplied by the total number of band multipliers (5 maximum) then multiplied by the number of ESEA countries worked (20 maximum).
Max Power100 watts
ExchangeESEA stations send Signal Report, QSO number and County. Stations outside of ESEA send Signal Report and QSO number
QSO PointsEach complete confirmed non-duplicate Phone contact with a ESEA station is worth 3 points per band.
Each complete confirmed non-duplicate Phone contact with a R.O.W. (Non ESEA) station is worth 1 point per band.
Extra infoCount ESEA counties for a maximum of 20 multipliers
Work a station on 2 bands: Multiplier = 2
Work a station on 3 bands: Multiplier = 3
Work a station on 4 bands: Multiplier = 4
Work a station on 5 bands: Multiplier = 5
Start date UTC2015-02-19 00:00
End date UTC2015-02-20 23:59
Log deadline UTC2015-02-25 00:00