HamSphere 4.0 Contest Calendar
NameThe North American Winter Contest 2019
DescriptionNA Winter Contest objective: For HS4 operators around the world to contact other HS4 operators in as many U.S. states, Canadian provinces/territories, and countries as possible thus promoting US and Canada Awards introduced in HS4.

Group A: Asia
Group B: Europe
Group C: North America
Group D: South America
Group E: Africa, Oceania and Antarctica

1st places in every category will receive 30 HS credits
2nd places in every category will receive 20 HS credits
3rd places in every category will receive 10 HS credits
Bands160, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 11, 10m
RulesOnly one QSO per band with the same station.
Repeated QSOs with the same station are valid on every new band.
15 minutes must have passed before you can contact the same op on a different band.
Score CalculationFinal Score calculation:

Total distance score x (sum of Region and Country scores) = Final score
Max Power100 Watts
ExchangeRS + serial number
QSO PointsDistance score:

1 point per QSO (0-500km)
2 points per QSO (500km-2500km)
3 points per QSO (2500km-5000km)
4 points per QSO (5000km-10000km)
5 points per QSO (10000km-...)
Extra infoMultipliers:
For each unique US State or CA Province worked you are getting 1 point for multiplier
For each unique country worked (excluding USA and Canada) you are getting 1 point for multiplier
Start date UTC2019-12-14 00:00
End date UTC2019-12-14 23:59
Log deadline UTC2019-12-19 23:59