HS4 Contest System in 2017- Discussions
2016-12-23 10:19
HS4 Contest System in 2017 ( by Chris 50HS5873)

01 Contest duration, number of contests each year, part 2
48hour contests - continued. So we could have either 5 such contests a year ("4 SEASONS" with countries as a multiplier and LNDX WPX with prefixes) or 4 contests (where LNDX WPX held in mid-November would also count as Autumn:-)
24hour contests should be designed as the contests preffering a certain territory - thay may a combination of general points for distance with additional points for the area and the multiplier can also be combined (i.e. democratic "countries" plus specific "states, provinces" - as in NA HF contest). According to such rules we know that CIS & Baltic (or CIS & East Europe) should last 1 day also in 2017, French Contest should be shortened to 24 hours, we also know that new contests in concept phase - British, or Europe should also last for 1 day.
The number of such contests should be no less than 4-5 a year but no more than 8-9 a year. In first case we are having equilibrium between number of general contests and number of geographically specific. It is also very conservative approach. Let's take CIS and French from the last year, add 1 NA and we have to come up wuth the final concept of only two more having much more to choose from: Europe, Asia, Brittish, Southern Hemisphere, Equinoxe....
If we choose the second approach (8-9 contests 24-contests a year) it will be much easier to launch a contest, and a contest will stay on a calendar for next year after some tweaking or will dissapear.
In case the number of 24h countests will be much greater thn these 48h I propose to take that into account while calculating Top Contest Operator Rankings (all ranking points for 4h contests multiplied by 2)

Welcome to the discussion.

Vy 73' de SP2DNI Andy
Re: HS4 Contest System in 2017- Discussions
2016-12-23 10:24
HS4 Contest System in 2017
01 Contest duration, number of contests each year, part 1

In 2016 we had two types of contests on HS4: 48-hour and 24-hour. I propose to have only these 2 types of contests also in 2017.

There were some opinions that we should have also shorter - few hour contests. I think that they can be held on HS3 rather than on HS4. On HS4, where we have a propagation well imitate, d clipping a few hour from 24-day cycle would me different conditions for stations operating in different time zones.

So contest should last either 48 or 24 hours. As they are lovers of both, both should be organized. In order to avoid the argument between different contest designers - each wants to have 48hour contest - it should be clear which contest can be 48 hour and which cannot.

I propose that 48-hour contests are the contests where no continent, no group of countries, no geographical area is not privilleged over others, points are given using the same democratic principle (no extra points for any selected stations) and democratic multiplier is used. The example of that was 2016 LNDX WPX - points for distance, multiplier for prefixes.

I propose to have no less that 4 such contests a year but no more than 5 and they should be quite evenly spread thorought the calendar. I propose a special cycle of such contests called "4 seasons" or "Quatro stagioni" organized in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter each year. All operators would have the opportunity to find out how the propagation on practically all bands keep changing during the year
....to be continued

Chris (50HS5873)
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