2019-02-22 01:19
What do we have to buy to run rtty and sstv, what plug in, and is it a easy setup?
Re: rtty/sstv
2019-02-22 10:55
Hi Pat,

I'm not working one of this modes at HamSphere, but I don't think that you need special plugins for that. (apart from the software and maybe a Cam for SSTV of course).
A good idea could be the codec-plugin and maybe the equalizer, but not really important.

This old threads (from HS 3) could help a bit:

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: rtty/sstv
2019-02-22 15:01
THANKS for the info,appreciate it.
Re: rtty/sstv
2020-02-17 01:49
All those interested in Digimodes, must read the pdf document "Audio Setup for Windows 7 (and others) :
VoiceMeeter, VB Cable, HamSphere and ancillary digital mode programs such as FlDigi, MMSSTV, EasyPal, KG-SSTV and
others " by 15HS623 – Francis.
It is very useful. I have read the document many times and this has helped me in achieving all the four digi awards so far using Windows 7. I do not know about the Windows 10 in place of Windows 7 and the implications.

Best of luck,
de arasu VU2UR
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