Results: RDF Contest October 2017
2017-10-24 18:56
Here are the results of the HamSphere 4.0 RDF contest October 2017. We congratulate the Epsilon team that managed to pinpoint the beacons with the score of 5473 and won this contest. They got 20HS18 within a 1 km range which is amazing!!! Also team Alpha did a decent result with 2287 and nailed 15HS14 within 37km. PI-team needs a little more practice. Their best performance was 17HS12 within 107 km.

HamSphere would like to thank all teams for a well performed contest and we wish you welcome back to the next one.

Winning team Epsilon members received the following prizes:

Pavel UR5FAI: 50 Euro HS Credits
Alexey 50HS6209: 50 Euro HS Credits
Andy SP2DNI: 50 Euro HS Credits
Graeme VK7KT: 50 Euro HS Credits
Fabio PY5ZR: 50 Euro HS Credits
Sunil 177HS337: 50 Euro HS Credits