Somebody was using my call in CW
2019-02-03 19:52
Hello everybody,
Tonight 3 febr 2019 at about 19:00 pm i was on 7.015 MHz making qso in cw.
Suddenly somebody was on purpose disturbing our qso.
We coyld not continue our qso and we stoped.
After we finished he went on with my call PA3GBK .
I decided to make one more message that the call PA3GBK was going qrt.
A strange thing......i was surprised and did not expect that on HampShere.
Best regards 73’s Aeilko PA3GBK.
Re: Somebody was using my call in CW
2019-03-09 09:07
The same here Aeilko
I was listening and tuning in to some cw stations on 40 meters .
Suddenly I saw OK2BPU replying to 19HS4249 and I at that very moment didnt send a letter .
I was even in the spot list while I havent send at all.
I decided to take over the qso and OK2BPU didnt even noticed .
I dont understand why people do that and I dont understand how they do it.
I changed my password a couple of times but that didnt help I gues.
It wasnt the first this happened to me and I dont know how to prevent it .
I just hope that there are admins or moderators guarding the bands and ban users with a fake user name or fake ip adres or what so ever.
Best regards Wilco 19HS4249
Re: Somebody was using my call in CW
2019-03-09 10:33
Hi Wilco,

I know this "effect" from some older chats in the Internet and also can't see the "reason why" for that.
In the early 2000 years there were some people in the chats and faking other Nicknames. That is possible e.g. with some letters like "l" and "I" (looks like the same, but different L and I letters) and "0" and "O" and so on.

I don't know why doing so, but I think that's made by some stupid people who are not able to make a "normal" conversation...

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: Somebody was using my call in CW
2019-03-09 14:06
Hi Jorg
I understand that faking a callsign is easy .
What I dont understand is that there is no possibility to check someones real identity when starting a qso on hs 4.
That should be possible maybe by sending a digital identity or something like that I dont know.
I really dont understand why someone would fake my call because I am not a rare dx location .
The only reason I can think of is to fake a callsign and misbehave so the real owner of the callsign gets banned or something in that order .
I find it very stupid to do so and the admins should do all they can to avoid that even I dont know how they could do that .
Maybe in the future they can .
Re: Somebody was using my call in CW
2019-03-09 14:39
I agree. And normally the ID-check should be possible via the IP and grid of the regular owner.

And yes, I also call such practise stupid. No matter if CW or voice faking.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
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