HamSphere 4.0 Plug-Ins News - Jan 2019
2019-01-26 18:48
HamSphere 4.0 Plug-Ins News - Jan 2019

CW Encoder

Translates text to transmittable CW. Adjustable speed and tone. This CW transmitter uses a notepad to transmit text. It does not use macros, instead it saves the text in the notepad so it remembers it to the next time. In that way you can build a big library with prerecorded CW texts. Use cut and paste and move texts and words around. The encoder sends a line a at time. Just move your cursor to the and of the line and hit enter. The transmitted line is marked in red during transmit.

Plug-In added: 16 Jan 2019
Get the CW Encoder

CW Decoder

CW Decoder with auto-speed. Translates received CW (Morse Code) to text. Tunable filter between 250-700Hz. Clear button and On/Off switch.

Plug-In added: 13 Jan 2019
Get the CW Decoder

QSL Viewer

If you find browsing through your QSL cards difficult using your log book, then get this QSL Card Viewer. View sent and received QSL cards ordered by call sign. View cards randomly. Easy and slick design.

Plug-In added: 12 Jan 2019
Get the QSL Viewer

Spectrum Analyzer Blue

Check your transmission and reception with this Audio Spectrum Analyzer in the Blue series.

Plug-In added: 12 Jan 2019
Get the Spectrum Analyzer Blue

Spectrum Analyzer

Check your transmission and receiption with this Audio Spectrum Analyzer.

Plug-In added: 11 Jan 2019
Get the Spectrum Analyzer

Oscilloscope Blue

Check your transmission with this wonderful Blue Oscilloscope.

Plug-In added: 27 Jul 2018
Get the Oscilloscope Blue

Antenna Rotator Blue

The Antenna Rotator Blue is needed if you get any rotatable antennas like Yagi or Beams. This is the small version of the rotator and it comes with a World map based on your location.

Plug-In added: 22 Jul 2018
Get the Antenna Rotator Blue