HamSphere 4.0 Mobile Info Page
2017-06-07 16:02
DX-Cluster plugin

The DX Cluster is a tool that presents "DX Spots" on the system that will help the operators to find active DX stations on the system. The "spots" are shared/entered by the operators on the system using the DX Monitor plugin.

Log Book plugin

This is the mobile version of the Logbook like on HS 3.0 and 4.0. The plugin has QSL card sent. You will need this plugin to qualify for the mobile awards.

Waterfall plugin

This "Waterfall" display gives you a visual overview of the band. As it scrolls slowly down you get a kind of "memory" of the signals and you can get quickly determine where there is activity. Also very faint signals that you would have problems hearing also give a print.

Mobile Awards

HamSphere has introduced three new awards with different targets. Award 1 is a Grid award where the mobile operator needs to work a certain number of Grid and countries. Award 2 is the WAS (Worked All States) award as a mobile version and finally Award 3 is a very special "Below the equator" award, where the operators gets points by working ops located in the southern hemisphere.